Homemade Golden Oreos

The thing about this recipe for Homemade Golden Oreos is that they are even better than the kind from the store. Prepare to be obsessed!

Homemade Golden Oreos

A while back, I posted my recipe for Homemade Oreo Cookies (the original variety) and ever since, my son requests them more than anything else.  Being a food blogger, I don’t often make the same recipe more than a few times, but those cookies get made a lot.  This time, I decided to put a different spin on them and try my hand at the Golden Oreos.  I have to say that once again, these turned out better than the packaged ones.  They turned out buttery and crisp with the perfect amount of sweetness.

Homemade Golden Oreos

I find the best way to get the filling to be the right consistency is to use fondant icing that I roll out and cut with the same cookie cutter I use for the cookies (to ensure it’s the right size).  I don’t bother with making my own.  I just use good quality store bought, ready to roll fondant.  You can make your own if you want, but it really isn’t necessary as long as you find a brand that’s not overly sweet.  I feel if it’s too sweet, it will ruin the cookie.

If you want to make them look like mine, here’s what you’ll need – Double Sided Crinkled Cookie Cutter Set & for the flower print, I used a fondant press these are great for cookies and this set is my favorite. Just be careful to not cut through the whole cookie with them.  You only need to make a good indent.

Homemade Golden OreosHomemade Golden OreosHomemade Golden OreosThere’s something quite rewarding about making a homemade version of a packaged treat. Sure, you could go out and buy a pack and have instant gratification, but when you’ve made your own and they turn out even better, the next time you go to the grocery store, you just may leave them on the shelf!  Believe me, these are so good you will want to make them again and again!

Homemade Golden Oreos

Homemade Golden Oreos
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Serves: 20
  • ⅔ cup/152g butter, room temperature
  • ¼ cup/55g granulated sugar
  • ¼ cup/55g soft brown sugar, packed
  • 2 tablespoons golden syrup
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 1 large egg
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 2 cups/250g all purpose/plain flour
  • 6oz/170g rolling fondant icing
  1. Beat the butter in large bowl smooth & creamy.
  2. Add sugars, golden syrup and salt and beat until pale and fluffy.
  3. Add egg; mix until well blended,
  4. Mix in vanilla. Add flour and mix until combined.
  5. Gather dough into ball; divide in half. Flatten each ball into disk. Wrap disks separately in plastic and chill until firm, at least 1 hour. TIP: This dough Can be made 2 days ahead and kept chilled in the refrigerator until needed.
  6. Preheat to 350°F/175°C.
  7. Line 2 cookie sheets with baking paper. Roll out dough between 2 sheets of parchment paper (one disk at a time) to ⅛-inch thickness for 2-inch cookies and ¼-inch for larger 4-inch cookies.
  8. Using a cookie cutter, cut out cookies and transfer to prepared cookie sheets, spacing 1 inch apart.
  9. If the cookies become too soft to transfer to baking sheets, place in freezer on baking paper for 5 minutes before continuing.
  10. Gather the scraps, roll out dough, and cut more cookies, repeating until all dough is used.
  11. Bake 1 sheet at a time for 10-12 minutes for 2 inch cookies or 12-14 minutes for 4 inch cookies or until the cookies are firm on top and golden around edges.
  12. Allow to cool on cookie sheet for 5 minutes before transferring to cool completely on cooling racks.
  13. For the Filling:
  14. Roll out the fondant, using icing sugar for rolling (not flour) to just over a quarter of an inch thickness and cut into circles using the same cookie cutter as for the cookies.
  15. Brush one side of the fondant with a little milk and press this onto the bottom of one cookie.
  16. Brush the other side of the fondant with a little water and place the bottom of a second cookie, pressing gently to secure the sandwich.
  17. Repeat with the remaining cookies, re-rolling the fondant if needed.
  18. Makes around 20 Cookies


  1. Chere says

    Golden syrup…..do you mean honey, agave nectar, maple syrup or the Argo syrup found in American supermarkets?

  2. renea says

    These look great. I’m sitting here eat Lemon Oreos as I read this. What cookie cutter did you use? How did you get the design on top? Thanks.

    • Erren says

      Hi Renea, So sorry for the late reply! I’m so glad you liked them! I used a 2-inch circle cutter with scalloped edges. The flower design was made with a fondant stamp that I have. They are pretty common so you could probably find one pretty easy!

  3. Rachel says

    Hi Erren, I made these along with your chocolate oreos. They were such a pleasure to make and they were both so much better than the store bought ones! Thank you for the recipes!

  4. says

    Erren, I just found this Pinned on Pinterest and instantly fell in love. Your cookie recipe sounds perfect, and I can’t even express how gorgeous your food photography is! It’s my lucky day, stumbling on to your site! Can’t wait to dig in to more of your recipes!

  5. Heather Carley says

    Erren, have you worked on a filling that is not rolled fondant? I am not partial to fondant, I find it tastes terrible and is overly processed.

    • Erren says

      Hi Heather, No, I haven’t tried as I have a brand of fondant that’s not too sweet and tastes good. I’ll let you know if I come up with one.


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